Meï needs rest.

Hello World, I guess?

Okay... exhales

Here we go.

Hi, I'm Meï ! And welcome to this blog. Or this attempt at a blog.

It's been a few weeks since I felt a lot of nostalgia for the Internet of old, the one I discovered as a lil' kid, on my tenth birthday, circa 2007.
The Internet full of smaller websites, with none of the super-apps and huge websites that took all the spotlight nowadays. I really miss this somehow. It felt a lot less centralized, I felt like there was a lot more freedom overall.

A friend, Seeker, began working on his own blog a few months back. I really liked his articles about DIY and Game Dev, and on a whim asked him his tech stack with the intent of setting something up for myself.

I used to write quite a bit a few years ago. Especially when I got to the big city after high school. Welcome to Fucktopia1 was a small series detailing my new life far from the countryside.
Sadly I didn't manage to write for it regularly, and this project ended up forgotten quick enough. Nonetheless, all my teachers used to say I had a talent for writing ; at least in French ; and always felt like I was wasting it by not writing anything.

As of late, I've been trying to get back into writing. Essays to recommend some games, some small fictions, and lore for TTRPGs, I've been slowly but surely getting back into it. But I didn't really manage to find a public, even for the essays in places (well, Discord servers in this case) dedicated to the exact IP I was trying to promote.

This built up as a bit of frustration, and is another of the reasons I felt like doing a blog. I wanted to be more open to the world, able to write in a place anyone could read if they stumble on the place.

So once again, here we go!

1. As a note, the "Fucktopia" is a reference to Souillon's comic book "Hello Fucktopia". Couldn't find a listing in English, sorry! It's available in French & Spanish, at least..

My small rules of writing

  1. Try to write regularly. Not necessarily everyday, but I should strive for a post per week at least.

  2. Focus! I'm super prone to tangents and often stray off-topic. A post should be on a single subject, unless this is a post consciously made for tangents and chaos.

  3. No stressing over this. I already stress over too much, let's keep this place as my comfy Internet place.

Let's hope it goes well. And I hope you'll enjoy this blog and its topics.

Fan-art of Cyberpunk Bartender Action: VA-11 HALL-A, by rnna_7