Meï needs rest.

Hi, I'm Meï! (they/them)

Welcome on my small comfy space ; my Internet home.
This is a place for me to write about anything I feel like I should. This includes but is not limited to devlogs, content recommendations (be it video games, content creators, music, reads, movies/cartoons ; I'm allowing myself to go wild here!), rants or some more thought about stuff.

Let's be honest, it's probably mostly gonna be rants.

While I don't necessarily think I need to tell too much about myself, telling a few things couldn't hurt, right ? Right ?..

Once I do some more blog posts with details about things I like, I'll probably add them below:

But there's none for now, teehee!


Not sure why anyone would feel the need to do so, but if you need to, you can email me at!
Otherwise, you can message me on Discord at mei.vongola. Please be clear about your intentions in your first message, or this could quickly get stressful for me!

If none of those work for you, you can always leave a message publicly in the Guest Book.